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London to 'Leads'

What comes to mind when you think of the term Leads? Is it finding clients, sourcing properties or perhaps the term is unfamiliar? Well, we learned a thing or two with Egrowth media and how to find them in Leeds!
UK Property Agents marketing team adventured from London to Leeds last week to find Leads, a Facebook ads training programme tailored by the director of eGrowth media, Joe Taylor.

We were approached by the Director of eGrowth media several months back through Linkedin, offering a variety of packages to create Facebook advert leads for UK Property Agents, whilst there were many offers available the one that stood out the most was the ability to gain new knowledge and gain new skills inhouse.
UK Property Agents is a company of growth and last week was the perfect opportunity in doing so as we set off to Leeds in learning how to accumulate the perfect formula for Facebook Leads!
Leeds is a city of architecture, soul and food it was great to adventure around the city before we began our Facebook Ads course it was an additional refreshing element to the adventure.

Joe Taylor the Director of eGrowth provided a whole day of Facebook ad training and how to implement them within the UK Property Agents business model, what attracted UK Property Agents to growth media is the fact of knowledge, success and experience with current and prior clients as well as being experienced within the niche market which is rent guarantee.

The training consisted of establishing the target audience from their very niche interests to writing short and long copy forms as well as the correct ways in engaging with your niche audience and even split testing campaigns and why they are so important. The style of the Facebook training was interactive and informative consisting of theoretical and practical tasks to establish and understand how to engage Leads. Throughout the course, Joe opened our minds to different ways of looking from a potential client's perspective as well as a business and how to engage and communicate.

Communication and being present amongst socials is very important as it paints a picture of the soul of the company, ethos and general status of why new and old clients would entrust UK Property Agents to sign up for the rent guarantee scheme. The addition of the newly learnt knowledge within Facebook ad leads has paved a path for UK Property Agents to explore and find out if successful methods such as split testing will also be a success for UK Property Agents when finding out the correct formula that works to engage with the niche market within the property sector.

Professional development and growth are always great for individuals as well as an added treasure to companies across the board, we encourage other companies to follow in similar footsteps and look at programs such as Facebook Ads in order to get the best possible results.
We would like to thank Joe Taylor for showing us the ins and outs of his successes as well as opening our minds to a different venture for the business.

To learn more about how you can also benefit from the Facebook Ads course and more, you can visit Egrowth media.