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If I let my property unfurnished, do I still need to supply any white goods?

Where the property is required unfurnished, landlords will still be required to supply white goods such as the following items;

  • Fridge freezer.
  • Cooker and oven
  • Washing machine


What do I need to do when I lease my property?

You will need to make sure all the relevant property checks are completed, in order to comply with our property standards as well as providing all the relevant documents below :

Proof of ownership, Photo Identification,  gas safety certificate, electrical certificate, EPC.


How long will the process of letting my property take?

This all depends on you, UK Property Agents can view and take on your property under our rent guarantee scheme on the same day, making your first rental payment upon signing of the lease agreement.


Who is responsible for bills and Council Tax?

Dependant on the agreement with the landlord, the tenants are responsible for utilities which are all taken into account for and managed by UK Property Agents.


How do I get paid?

Once the contract is signed by both parties, you will get paid via the bank of choice that you have provided.


When do I get paid?

You get paid each month, the dates you can get paid are on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and the 20th. The date you have agreed upon when you signed the initial contract is when you will be paid.


Do I have to liaise with tenants?

UK Property agents liaise with all the tenants so you have nothing to worry about.

Do I have to find tenants?

NO, UK Property Agents potentially become your tenant. We will find suitable tenants for the property, you don't have the stress of allocating the tenants for your property or the worry of any void periods of rent.


What kind of tenants will be living at the property?

We work, closely with all local authorities to provide housing for their tenants.

We have stringent guidelines as to who we accept, We carry out inspections on how they reside, whether they had any arrears in paying rent and how they conducted themselves during their tenancy in existing properties and ensure that we get the right tenant for the right property.


Do you charge a monthly commission?

No Commission & No hidden fees.


How do I know what rent I am getting paid?

We will make you a rent guarantee offer for the amount achievable for the area and size of the property.

The rent amount will be an agreement between yourself and UK Property agents, stated in your lease agreement which you will have a copy of.


Do I receive any form of statements for the rent that I receive?

Upon request we can generate a statement for you, however, you will be paid on the same day of each month so this should be easier to manage.

Once you access our software database you will also be able to access information via your portal.


Do I have to inform my mortgage company?

This depends on your product with your mortgage company, most products are a buy to let mortgages.

They can vary from buy to let, let to buy, or a commercial product, again this depends upon how you initially agreed to the product with your mortgage company.


What documents will I require in order for me to lease my property?

If you are the owner of the property then all we would expect from you is proof of ownership. You would treat us as your tenant. In some circumstances such as a unit within a block that has block management, you may be required to comply with an agreement you have in place with them in relation who you let the property to and whether it can be sub-let.


Will we receive our property back in the same condition as originally was given?

The simple answer is Yes, you will receive your property in the condition that you have provided at the start of the lease.

There is a matter of wear & tear which should be agreeable between both parties, we would inspect the property at the start of lease agreement and again at the end of the lease agreement.


Are there any hidden costs?

No commissions & no hidden costs.


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