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Living the Thalassa Beach Resort dream

Have you ever dreamed of a life of serene views, calming sounds, authentic cuisine and beautiful weather? Well, the dream can become a reality when visiting or residing at the Thalassa Beach Resort, Cyprus.

UK Property Agents went on an international October adventure to explore all that Thalassa Beach Resort has to offer, from calming views and warm weather to beautifully crafted apartments in a beautiful location based in North Cyprus along the Bafra tourism coast. What more could you possibly need?

As a business owner, we understand that time is valuable and you want to utilise every moment as much as possible. It is never adequate to stress over the little details and your precious time consumed with issues that your properties may arise with, that is why UK Property Agents offer the rent guarantee scheme, to manage your properties and time! With the rent guarantee scheme offered by UK Property Agents, you get your freedom back and more. How you may ask? Simply by letting us rent your vacant properties and handle the rest, now you can enjoy other avenues such as Thalassa Beach Resort and perhaps even invest in Thalassa, not only will you have a permanent place of leisure or home but also a new investment in which you can make profit back too.

Why should you invest in Thalassa?

Thalassa offers an array of opportunities, not only are you investing in a property but also you are investing in the soul of Thalassa Beach Resort. From a private beach, seafront views, on-site spa, on-site dining and most importantly the calm that is much needed after working hard. The beauty of investing at Thalassa is that there are different packages and properties available depending on your plans. For example, prices may significantly vary if you invest in off-plan builds, resales, fully furnished, or non-furnished but the most important aspect is you can have your holiday home of escape as well as your holiday home that generates income too. 

The rent guarantee scheme allows more freedom to explore the international wonder that is Living the Thalassa Beach Resort dream. No void periods, no admin, no commission fees and most importantly your time back. Stop dreaming and start living today, for more information on how you can live the dream today, contact one of our consultants who will be able to assist you in starting your chapter today.