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Investment and management made easy with UK Property Agents

Long-established firm identifies investment opportunities, and manages properties - with rent guarantee


Investing in property can be a lucrative alternative to the very few alternatives historically generating a good rate of return.

But it’s important to have a partner experienced not only in identifying investment opportunities, but also managing your growing portfolio.

That’s where UK Property Agents offers an immense advantage.

Go it alone, and what could have been hassle-free with UK Property Agents turns into a full-time job.

Choose the wrong tenant, and you’ll have your hands full keeping up with their demands.

Simply taking care of property maintenance, inspections and testing takes significant time and effort.

And that’s if you already have property to rent.

If you’ve yet to invest, it’s not unusual to feel daunted and overawed by the process.

And if you’re an international investor ready to tap into the UK property market, you’ll need a trusted partner to manage your portfolio.

Whatever your situation, UK Property Agents is your perfect partner.
UK Property Agents specialises in management and investment opportunities – with its market-leading rent guarantee providing hundreds of owners with peace of mind.

Why UK Property Agents?

With more than 20 years’ experience providing clients with a turnkey property investment solution, from identifying opportunities and offering a comprehensive management service, including guaranteed rent – UK Property Agents has developed an impressive reputation.

It’s this comprehensive approach – and vast experience - that sets UK Property Agents apart.

UK Property Agents takes care of everything:

  • Finding tenants
  • Preparing properties for rental
  • Managing your portfolio - including keeping servicing and inspections up to date, and responding quickly to repair and maintenance requests - and all tenant communications

We're talking day to day management, and maintenance carried out by an in-house maintenance team covering everything from painting to plumbing to inspections and safety checks taking care of your investment and tenants' wellbeing.


Written By: Dave Thackeray

Guaranteed Rent Scheme Article

Guaranteed rent scheme

Property investors typically experience letting as an unpredictable and demanding process.

Not so for UK Property Agents clients.

Through its rent guarantee scheme, UK Property Agents effectively becomes your professional tenant.

The day the contract is signed is the day you receive your first rent payment from UK Property Agents - no matter how long it takes us to find the right tenant you will always receive your rent.

And your rent is guaranteed by UK Property Agents for 36 months.
The last thing any landlord wants is to look at their account to find no rent has been paid, or there is a shortfall.

With UK Property Agents there are:

  • No void periods or rent arrears
  • No commission or set-up fees
  • No renewal fees or any other "hidden extras"
  • No need to deal with tenants

UK Property Agents not only guarantees rent - but also takes care of all other outgoings, including maintenance.

And your property will be in the condition you provided it upon return.
There's no catch.

UK Property Agents pays you slightly less than the market rent value, working with local authorities in providing suitable tenants for your properties.

Less is more through the rent guarantee, with UK Property Agents taking full responsibility for managing your property.


Finding the right investment

Property investment is often favoured over traditional alternatives, such as shares, since it maximises leverage - with the owner typically committing a fraction of the cost with the balance funded through a buy to let (BTL) mortgage.

UK Property Agents is here to help you find an investment opportunity that’s right for you, and your liquidity and ambitions. UK Property Agents selects opportunities in regions with strong rental markets, sufficient rental yield, and forecasted significant capital growth.

Every member of the UK Property Agents team is here to help maximise your profits. They're all experienced and knowledgeable - many being seasoned investors themselves.

What it’s like being a UK Property Agents client
The results of working with UK Property Agents speak for themselves.

Grace has lived in London for almost 50 years, and spent her career in the financial sector.

"I needed a company that could make my investments more profitable.
“Thanks to UK Property Agents I have been able to focus on other aspects of my life, more time with family, more time for myself and most importantly having another stream of income.”

Dr Lyons hails from London. He moved to Scotland but continued investing in capital properties.

He said: “My long-lasting relationship with UK Property Agents has been great, I highly recommend them to any property owner who is struggling to find long term tenants.

“If you need a company that is true to their word, has quality service and looks after their clients, then this is the one for you.”

Start maximising your rental income today