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In loving memory of Jonathan Kern

The golf community at Finchley Golf Club is more than just a club it is a network of like-minded individuals who enjoy spending their time together in the art and sport that is golf.
Captains day is a day of celebration, coming together and most importantly sharing the bond created through the love of golf.
On Saturday the 2nd of July, members from Finchley Golf Club came together in remembrance and celebration of the late captain Jonathan Kern whose dream ever since joining the club was to become club captain one day. In his unfortunate short captaincy, Jonathan Kern left an unforgettable impression on the members of the club and will always be remembered.

UK Property Agents' own Director Bobbie Jethwa a member of Finchley golf club attended and sponsored the event on behalf of UK Property Agents, as well as provided music for the occasion as an addition for all the members to have an extra special day.
The day was filled with a competition consisting of two sets of golfing rounds, one morning set of 18 holes in the morning and the other at lunchtime consisting of a set of 12 holes. Chris Celend took the winning trophy through his hard work and consistency at the event among other skills full and great golfers.

The Captain's day event took a time to look back and celebrate the late captain Jonathan Kern, his wife Hillary who was also present at the event in support of her husband, and acting captain Steven Morris delivered a great programme across the day making captains day one to remember.
UK Property Agents is making movements within the community and supporting causes that offer value to individuals just as Jonathan Kern did to the members at Finchley Golf club.

On that note, the team at UK Property Agents wish that Jonathan Kern rests well and that the golfing community at Finchley Gold Club achieve all their desired hole-in-ones!