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Gala night... the occasion that paved the way for a new vision

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been challenging for many businesses who have had to alter the way they have liaised with clients.

The property market has also changed to virtual viewings, zoom calls and assisting clients either via phone or online chat platforms. UK Property Agents took a similar route in changing the way we work with landlords and tenants, and how we manage properties. Our emphasis on rent guarantee was beneficial for landlords and property owners who were struggling to rent vacant properties during these times. Our core values remained the same in the heart of our office in North West London, ensuring our clients received the best service possible when it came to the rent guarantee scheme.

The Negotiator is known for its leading content and news, for all things relevant to the property industry, as well as being a very useful tool for both agencies, landlords and aspiring landlords to be. Due to the pandemic, the Negotiator had to put its annual Negotiator awards on hold and replace it with virtual awards. Luckily, 2021 was the year that UK Property Agents had an opportunity to be a part of the event, as well as being shortlisted for the Property management company of the year.

The event was extraordinary; immaculately divine, and was hosted at the infamous Grosvenor house. It featured an expo packed with different speakers throughout the day, and a gala style evening during the night. The night featured Rob Beckett as our awards night host and an array of cabaret-style entertainment for the night. Being a part of this event was a great achievement for the company in itself, it was a great night to connect and learn how different companies paved their way into the industry. The event featured agencies from across the UK, some of who had won multiple awards, and it was great to see how they have effectively left their marks not only in their local communities but also within the property industry.

Although UK Property Agents did not win for the property management company of the year, we realised that rent guarantee was a somewhat specialised/niche category that had not been featured that night, which in effect, may have won us our winning trophy. Whilst UK Property Agents did not win the title for the property management company of the year (2021), it was a personal win for us as a company. This has been achieved through team bonding, good communication, hard work, an exciting level up in branding and an increase in the property portfolio. The company also had an increase of rent guarantee deals whilst the struggles of the pandemic were, unfortunately, affecting various businesses. Therefore, UK Property Agents are grateful to have had the opportunities to further expand their Property Portfolio during hardship and difficult times.

So how does the gala fit into the vision of what UK Property Agents want for the future of the business? The gala night at the Grosvenor hotel was a brilliant experience in terms of team building, networking and most importantly, enjoying the evening after working very hard throughout a difficult year. It paved a path for UK Property Agents and what the company will achieve in its next chapter; this is just the beginning of the story for the rent guarantee scheme and what is to follow of it. As a unique company that specialises in rent guarantee, the year 2022 will be a year full of supporting local communities, collaborating with other companies and most importantly, giving back the essence of hope to property owners with a guaranteed future.