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An investment of time...

On the 5th of July, the National Landlord investor Show exhibited their third show of the year in Billingsgate, it is a great opportunity for property owners, property agents and anyone intrigued by the property sector to immerse themselves midst of this day.

The National Landlord investor Show founded by Steve and Tracey Hanbury in May 2013, has since then grown and expanded its network, to date they have delivered 74 successful exhibitions and are thriving in continuing to do so.

Exhibitions are always a great dynamic to network with like-minded individuals, on the day at Billingsgate there were stands with various companies, within sectors such as property management, management software, investment opportunity, development opportunities, local council representatives, mortgage advice, buying advice, magazine subscriptions, maintenance services and many more for those with a thirst to exchange details and learn more.
Midst the maze-like system of stands there were also various seminar opportunities available throughout the duration with speakers of sectors from all the above. There was so much information available on the day in different ways for those who were seeking it, The National Landlord investor Show is free to attend, which is a bonus as you only have more to gain from attending the event.

The goal for our marketing and procurement team at UK Property Agents was to network and create new bonds with various companies. Some individuals that were met on the day were from companies such as Your Property Network, ASC, Portico, Property Investor News, Mr Investa and many others, those were among the new connections and without a doubt reconnected with some older connections met at another exhibition earlier in the year. The National Landlord investor Show represents how effective networking is to gain new business opportunities.

The most valuable element that UK Property Agents took from attending this exhibition event was the benefit of coming back with new information and making new connections, in any business creating a network and good rapport within the industry is always beneficial when looking to obtain new business. A short observation noticed at The National Landlord Investor Show is the presence and how little of The Rent Guarantee Scheme is exhibited or even known about. Whilst talking to various companies some were not aware of this business model, which proved a great benefit and gap in the market for UK Property Agents in the pursuit of connecting with new landlords and obtaining new properties.

To summarise, The National Landlord Investor Show is a great exhibition and event to attend, it is great for gaining new information, new contacts and potentially new business. Whether you go to exhibit at the event or visit you will definitely be gaining something in return.

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