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A deeper insight into all things rent guarantee, investments and Property TV

What comes to mind when you hear the term rent guarantee? Have you ever signed up for a service with an agency or perhaps it is something that is completely new to you?

Many individuals in and out of the property community, are still unsure about what the rent guarantee model is. This niche property scheme is a great incentive and provides many benefits as well as additional income for property owners.

Bobbie Jethwa, CEO of UK Property Agents featured in a recent interview on Property TV with Kirsty Darkins and Stephen Galpin to dig deeper into all things rent guarantee, investments and property.


Are you a first-time property buyer or perhaps have a larger property portfolio that requires managing? Or the idea of having more freedom to sit back and relax, whilst your property is managed and guaranteed rent each month? If this is something you would like to gain more insight into then who better than the CEO of UK Property Agents to answer all your questions.


For the full interview: