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Helping me take care of my property portfolio in Brent

About the Landlord

It has always been an aspiration of mine to have a growing property portfolio and since living abroad, it made sense to invest my time with a trusted property management company such as UK Property Agents.

The problem

● Were there any issues with your property that you were trying to solve?
Since having multiple investments across the UK, I required a rent guarantee scheme for my properties based in the Brent borough, so I would not have to visit so often as it was difficult to manage from abroad. I have family members in the other parts of the UK who assist me with the other areas.

● Was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to have your property managed?
I wanted to make sure that my properties were never arrears and since being abroad it was difficult to devote time to finding good tenants. It was also difficult dealing with tenant issues due to time differences.

● What were the key challenges that you had before your property was managed by UK Property agents?
The main issues with renting my properties in London was the time it required. Living abroad required multiple trips to make sure the correct tenants had moved in. My other key issue was rent arrears and not being able to manage the tenants properly.

The Solution

● How did you find UK Property Agents?
I was approached by sheer luck by one of the consultants at UK Property Agents whom responded to me via a post I made on Gumtree.

● Why did you choose UK Property Agents?
I was impressed with the portfolio of properties UK Property Agents was already managing which included London boroughs including Brent, so the familiarity with the area made me feel sure I was in safe hands.

● What were your objectives with registering with UK Property Agents?
My main objectives were to work with an established property management company which would handle the process of obtaining tenants, rent collection and maintenance of the property.


● How has your life changed since registering with UK Property Agents?
Rent guarantee was a new concept to me and I wasn’t aware that such a scheme existed until one of the consultants from UK Property Agents explained how it worked, it has made my life so much less stressful.

● What other benefits have you experienced since registering your property with UK Property Agents?
A steady income, more opportunity for other investments and rent "arrears free"!

● How does this compare to a previous property management company or not being managed at all?
I can’t compare to any other property management services but this
company definitely sets a positive path for property owners.

Rent Guarantee

● How has the rent guarantee scheme most benefited you?
Rent paid regularly, saving money on trips to the UK and no hassle with tenants or spending extra money on tenant advice.

● Would you have choosen a different service with UK Property Agents had this option not been available?
Actually, initially I only wanted my property managed, the rent guarantee scheme was an additional bonus to the offer that the consultant had initially proposed.


● If you were to recommend UK Property Agents, what would you say?
If you are looking for a dedicated team who truly care about your investments, I would highly recommend this property management agency.

● How would you describe your relationship with UK Property Agents and the team?
The consultants at UK Property Agents were nothing but supportive and have continued to be so.

● Rate your overall experience?
My growing partnership with UK Property Agents has been nothing but a smooth experience, I am so grateful for everything they have done for my properties and their continued input and help.