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Helping achieve monthly rent payments for Camden Portfolio

About the Landlord

My name is Grace, I have lived in London since the early ’70s and ever since then, I always wanted a property in the capital. With a lifelong career working in the financial sector, I needed a company that could make my investments more profitable.

The problem

  • Were there any issues with your property that you were trying to solve?
    I was trying to make sure my mortgage was paid on a regular basis and avoid being in debt due to tenants being in arrears.
  • Was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to have your property managed
    As mentioned, I work in the financial sector, whilst my career is rewarding it gives me little time to manage or think about the properties I have invested in.
  • What were the key challenges that you had before your property was managed by UK Property agents? 
    My main issues were finding long term tenants who would treat my property like their own and pay their rent on time.

The solution

  • How did you find UK Property Agents approach?
    I actually found UK Property Agents years ago via word of mouth, their approach was very attentive to my needs and welcoming, which instantly made me realise I could work with them.
  • Why did you choose UK Property Agents?
    Many reasons attracted me to UK Property Agents, I liked the idea of knowing I would receive my rent even if my properties were still vacant, so my mortgage wasn't affected. I also liked  the fact there are no hidden fees, commission or additional charges
  • What were your objectives with registering with UK Property Agents?
    My objective when I registered my property was to have a continuous monthly income without having to worry. As long as the mortgage was being paid and the house was being looked after that was key to me.


  • How has your life changed since registering with UK Property Agents?
    I have been able to focus on other aspects of my life, more time with family, more time for myself and most importantly having another stream of income.
  • What benefits have you experienced since registering your property with UK Property Agents?
    The main significant benefit for sure is that I can sleep each night knowing I don't have to stress of my property.
  • How does this compare to a previous property management company or not being managed at all?
    Prior to having my property managed, I wasn't aware that such companies existed, it was a headache trying to organise everything, as well as being time-consuming. I had many sleepless nights when it came to liaising with tenants. 


Rent Guarantee

  • How has the rent guarantee scheme benefited you?
    The best way to put it is, consistent money in my bank, my mortgage is paid and I don't have to deal with all the messy bits in between.
  • Would you choose a different service with UK Property Agents had not this option been available?
    Definitely, the team at UK Property Agents make you feel like you are one of their own, I have always appreciated their transparency in communication with me.
  • What benefits do you enjoy most within the rent guarantee scheme?
    The consistent rent, which has always been on time and the lack of headaches.


  • If you were to recommend UK Property Agents, what would you say?
    They are really attentive to my needs, and they understand the property market. They are fully transparent and communicate in a way that you don't often find in business!
  • How would you describe your relationship with UK Property Agents and the team?
    Each team member at UK Property Agents always goes the extra mile for their clients, I've had last-minute issues that have been quickly resolved. That is something definitely that always appeals to me.
  • Rate your overall experience?
    My long-lasting and current relationship with UK Property Agents has been great, I highly recommend them to any property owner who is struggling to find long term tenants.