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Happy in Harrow now that my property portfolio is being managed by a agency I can trust

About the Landlord

My name is Cath, I am a Harrow-born nursery teacher, I came into some properties due to some family members leaving it to me as an asset as I am the only child.

The problem

  • What were issues with your property you were trying to solve? With working full time and having a family, the tenancy process and finding the correct tenants has been a challenging experience.
  • What was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to have your property managed? I wanted to have more time with my children as more and more times, I had to go after work to deal with tenant issues, even though my property is based in Harrow and five minutes from my own family home it is still tiring as you can imagine!
  • What were the key challenges that you had before your property was managed by Uk Property agents? Not having enough time for family, especially within my career section sometimes the hours are long!

The solution

  • How did you find Uk Property Agents? Through word of mouth. 
  • Why did you choose Uk Property Agents? It is more reassuring to me when someone close to me has used a service or company and had a good experience with them previously.
  • What were your objectives with registering with Uk Property Agents? To get time back with my children which I have.


    • How has your life changed since registering with Uk Property Agents? I have completely received my freedom back, especially those later days after work! No more making pit stops even if it is around the corner.
    • What benefits have you experienced since registering your property with Uk Property Agents? The main aspect is time back with my children to spend but a bonus is the rent guarantee and not having to worry about tenants not paying the rent each month!
  • How does this compare to a previous property management company or not being managed at all?
    The scheme and team have helped go above and beyond.

Rent Guarantee

  • How has the rent guarantee scheme benefited you?
      As mentioned previously more time with my children and less time on my additional property.
    • Would you choose a different service with Uk Property Agents hadn't this option been available?  Management of the property probably would have been the option, but since the service is inclusive of the rent guarantee scheme, I feel very very lucky!
  • What is your favourite part about the rent guarantee?
    The sense of security knowing that financially you can rely on a company that will always pay rent even if the property is vacant! Always great from a parent's perspective!



  • If you were to recommend Uk Property Agents, what would you say? Thank you for giving me back my time with my children.

How would you describe your relationship with Uk Property Agents and the team? I have a good rapport with the team they check in every so often if there is important information that needs to be relayed back to me.