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Guaranteed rent for landlords with Islington property portfolios

About the Landlord

London has been my home for over 40 years now, since moving here from Italy I have grown a large portfolio of properties based across the UK..

The problem

  • Were there any issues with your property that you were trying to solve?
    I didn’t have any issues with the properties, it just got to a point where I needed help in managing them.
  • Was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to have your property managed?
    To save me time and cost, but also to help out with organising my property portfolio.
  • What were the key challenges that you had before your property was managed by UK Property agents?
    Not having enough time to maintain current properties and seek new properties.

The solution

  • How did you find UK Property Agents and what was their approach?
    I found UK Property Agents through a billboard I saw in my neighbourhood, I got in contact straight away. They provided relevant information from the start.
  • Why did you choose UK Property Agents?
    After doing my research and learning that UK Property Agents had years in the industry I knew they were definitely the right choice to manage my properties.
  • What were your objectives with registering with UK Property Agents?
    To ease the property management aspect so I didn’t have to be as involved as my property portfolio increased.


  • How has your life changed since registering with UK Property Agents?
    They have made my life easier in many ways, not having to worry about the property management aspect.
  • What benefits have you experienced since registering your property with UK Property Agents?
    As well as having my properties managed, I have also taken part in the rent guarantee scheme, where for some of my properties I have been received monthly rent as well as having my properties managed.
  • How does this compare to a previous property management company or not being managed at all?
    It definitely makes increasing my portfolio easier.

Guaranteed rent for landlords in Islington

  • How has the rent guarantee scheme benefited you?
    It has given me more freedom to invest in other properties and not have to worry about the management aspect. I have also received more money in return as a result of this.
  • Would you choose a different service with UK Property Agents if this option was not available?
    Purely for property management, then yes.
  • What benefits do you enjoy most within the rent guarantee scheme?
    Not having to liaise or move in tenants.


  • If you were to recommend UK Property Agents, what would you say?
    A company that looks after you and your investments, making sure you are always winning.
  • How would you describe your relationship with UK Property Agents and the team?
    Professionalism through and through.
  • Rate your overall experience?
    I am happy to be in the UK Property Agents 'family' and my journey with them thus far has benefited me greatly personally.
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