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Earning more income with the rent guarantee scheme for my Ealing property

About the landlord

I grew up in Italy and pursued my passion for farming and the production of fine cheeses, I also enjoy the housing market and invested in various properties. I also have a family, who helps me manage my businesses in Italy.

The problem

  • What were the issues with your property you were trying to solve? I brought my property in an online auction in Ealing Broadway, London. I live in Italy, I did not know what I was getting myself into.
  • What was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to have your property managed?                    I live in Italy and the times of the pandemic made it difficult for me to travel back and forth.
  • What were the key challenges that you had before your property was managed by Uk Property agents? Travelling to the properties I had bought.

The solution

  • How did you find Uk Property Agents? I found them on google when I was searching for agencies in London.
  • Why did you choose Uk Property Agents? They had many positive reviews and experience in dealing with properties in Ealing, all other companies that I had called in the Ealing area wanted a commission. UK Property Agents were the only ones who do not charge any extra fees.
  • What were your objectives with registering with Uk Property Agents? To have a company I could trust and receive money regularly without having the trouble of flying out too often, my main concern is if another lockdown were to happen I would have lost money if it wasn’t for UK Property Agents.


  • How has your life changed since registering with Uk Property Agents? I can live my life in Italy whilst still receiving an additional income from my Ealing properties, this is the whole point I bought a property in London.
  • What benefits have you experienced since registering your property with Uk Property Agents? I have been able to continue with my life in Italy as well as invest in other properties in Italy from the money I have been receiving.
  • How does this compare to a previous property management company or not being managed at all? I have only had management experience in Italy but they did not offer such things as a rent guarantee in the amount the UK Property Agents provide.

Rent Guarantee

  • How has the rent guarantee scheme benefited you? I have invested in other properties in Italy, without this program this would have not been possible.
  • Would you choose a different service with Uk Property Agents hadn't this option been available? Yes, as now I know how they operate and build a bond with the team and if the service benefited me and made my life easy then yes.
  • What is your favourite part about the rent guarantee? Having everything taken care of and not thinking if my property is falling apart, unpaid bills or even bad tenants.


  • If you were to recommend Uk Property Agents, what would you say? Thank you for a great experience so far.
  • How would you describe your relationship with Uk Property Agents and the team? The people who work at UK Property Agents have looked after me, especially during the most difficult times of the pandemic in keeping my properties and still earning money.
  • Rate your overall experience? I would highly recommend and continue to work together with the team.